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Spouse visa needs also vary from country to country. It is legal process of letting your spouse come and reside with you. It is required when husband or wife do not belong to the same country. Each country has its own set of norms and conditions to provide a spouse visa.  There is a process of filling the legal petition and sending it to the concerned departments that vary from country to country.

How we can help you?

Our experts help you understand and meet all the essentials of getting a spouse visa. There are many legal formalities required at both ends. Husband or Wife residing in the country must himself be a permanent resident of the country. It is also essential to upgrade all the details in the petition before filling spouse visa. Rules and regulations vary for different conditions and years for which one has been into the marriage.

Everything does not end with paperwork. The couple has to face the interview to attain approval. Our experts help you to burn the stress of facing the interview. They guide you frame the exact and accurate answers to the most common questions at mock trials we arrange for you.

The process also involves getting a medical examination by a civil surgeon. The medical reports and other findings become a part of documents that one must attach with other records. The copy of records includes almost everything that reflects your lifestyle, health, financial conditions, and other details.

The process has a lot of formalities involved that need expert handling. We have experienced staff assisting many people across nations to help their spouses come into the country with legal formalities done and completed. Explore us for all details and essentials you want to know of getting your partners at your side.